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During Pulse art fair Adriana Ospina's Project will be displayed in the booth S-114.

A complete project stand , called Hybrid Nature.

her project has been nominated for the Pulse Prize, during ART BASEL WEEK December 2016.

What is seen, artworks are in ARTSY website and in the Artists artwork site


The artworks evolve around the subject of objects we hold precious, and that we cherish like gold. It develops the notion of memory captivated by the objects and they are charged with large contents of information expanding by addition towards new meaning.

The Physical representation confronts meanings, creating a tension, of the inner meditative allegory and the reality of the common object. Such are our lives constantly creating relationships between the natural and the artificial, these meanings change significance with what is natural today and artificial, natural could be more artificial than things coming from nature.

The concept of nature iterates in the first meaning and the representation of it which can be considered artificial, but with means of acknowledging that natural for us human beings are also the things noted as artificial such elements like objects.

In the works the audience witnesses an exploration of processes of identification and connotation by the acquisition of certain characteristics as attributes. The essential characteristics change by addition of the new, giving another signification to the viewer, by means of employing numerous techniques to finally acquire as a result a transformative expression of aesthetic enquiry.

The art shown questions our relationship with the world and the phenomenology within. Where I channel the dichotomy between reality and imagination blended together by remembrance and the imagery symbolic ideas. The work is an invitation to a vast exploration of the inner consciousness of latent beauty, evocative associations in daily life that create a dialogue in the pieces.

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