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Adriana Ospina Colombian artist residing in Bogota, Colombia. She studied Art with concentration in electronic media and arts of time in Los Andes University of Bogota, Colombia (2004), where she also did a Post-graduate degree as a Specialist in Multimedia Creation (2005).She won the Best video art Award at New York Independent Film and Video Festival (2005). In  2016 was a Pulse Prize  Nominee in  Pulse  Art  Fair  Miami. In 2012 was invited to participate in the Tina B. Festival, European Arts festival, in Prague, Czech Republic. Made part of 12 best projects of the IILA Award of Photography, Roma, Italia (2008). Her artworks explore different art mediums, including   site-specific installations, done at the Nueveochenta gallery in Bogota, called The Sun's vision (2009).  Her photography was shown in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogota (2009) with her series of “Vertical gardens”, a contemporary photography exhibit. Also participated in the Off-Loop festival of Loop Barcelona with her video "Pink Balloons" in 2010.  She has participated in  Art Fairs  like the G-Z art fair in Basel in 2012,  and Fountain  Art Fair New York in 2014.


 Among her research papers, latest presentation was in Technarte international conference on Art and Technology, Bilbao,Spain (2009), 1st International Congress of Design: Design, Art and New Technologies: Ways, Exchanges and Frontiers ISCE Lisbon, Portugal, (2006). She currently works in her personal art projects and as an art independent researcher. In her work she explores questions of interconnected life’s systems, developing series of work that manage temporal qualities like past, present, and future, as parallel and entangled notions of subjects such as memory, consciousness, and foreseen illusions. Adriana Ospina's, artwork presents a singular point of view on contemporary art practice, her whole artistic construct includes mediums like photography, video art, installation arts, and sculptural practices.Her topics are within social manifestations and subjective relationships that unveil different subjects of the quotidian enhanced by her art proposals. She has a fine sense for capturing the poetic nature of things. The sequences she presents have an entangled unique meaning; they are an analytical reflection of surrounding states an emotion that define the complexity of the artwork. Not narrowed to cultural apprehensions her works convey into a practice of observation of social means and manifestations of subjective feeling. In her whole artistic construct the themes of identity are always recurrent, as a cultural concept which is enticed by themes that she considers predominant in contemporary culture, some that relate to creative means, technology, globalizing mechanisms and human behaviour.





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