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Vertical Gardens - Jardines Verticales



This project presents through photographs, the human being as a garden; making the analogy between what is vertical and  the spinal column, about what makes us upright and vertebral. It addresses the concern of men and woman to grow, it also apprehends the cycles from the plants and seasons with  the given notion that we grow with many branches and with different beliefs. Each characteristic that makes us different it is fundamental to what we are. Also, our energy projected as we change grows outward from what is vertebral.  It  expands from the center to the outside which, also feeds and nurtures inside. Each vertebral column is different like each person or individual which, has branches that grow in different directions  that can grown endlessly. We cohabit  in little parcels of existence.


In the photographs: Adriana Ospina Mesa, Sebastian Chalela.



Digital photography.


Digital c-prints,  40 x 26 inches

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