Vertical Gardens - Jardines Verticales



This project presents through photographs, self-portraits and photographs of a fellow artist, the human being as a garden; making the analogy between what is vertical to the spinal column, what makes us upright and vertebral. It addresses the concern of men and woman to grow, it also apprehends the cycles from the plants and seasons with given the notion we grow on many branches with different beliefs. Each characteristic that makes us different its fundamental to what we are. Also our energy projected as we change grows outward from what is vertebral, from the center to the outside which also feeds inside. Each vertebral column is different, like each person or individual which always makes the branches grow diverse, in many directions and free as energy that grows. We live on all the earth resources and each person is a garden and as such is a resource of the earth.


In the photographs: Adriana Ospina Mesa, Sebastian Chalela.



Digital photography.


Digital c-prints,  40 x 26 inches


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