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Too much time is lost is a thesis about the loss of time developed through an artistic process; it has as starting point from a personal experience of the artist, a series of events that lead to the reflection of time, existence in time and art and pain, it has reference points on how other artworks have been developed around those subjects. A terrible experience of victimization gave way to explore the aesthetic experience of drinking a cup of coffee and in that action finding a different timeline, a space of contemplation. In a search for hope the work is directed towards divination. What if that coffee cup could give faith a about the future? In that exploration the research describes the way how mankind has had the need for the unknown and how the coffee grounds tell the future, it shows how the artworks are developed with the coffee grounds readings and how that exploration leads the skepticism (scepticism) the next topic that follows a realistic view of the artist. In that rupture of faith the thesis examines formal artworks that use the concept of things that are broken and it concludes the artistic process of the experience with a reflection about the future. The uncertain future and faith concepts are seen through an optic where the future is built and the forthcoming events are planned in the quotidian human lives, something that can be thought while drinking cup of coffee. Faith in the future in the artistic process is not envisioned as an oracle but as an idea that in the artist perspective evolved to an idea progress, as a column that gets built and it must continue even if too much time is lost.

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