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Best video  Art Award  New York Independent  Film Festival  2004

Residents on the railroad


Original title in Spanish: “Residentes en la vía férrea”




R and R, cigar, R and R, barrel, rapidly roll the wagons loaded with sugar from the railroad. Originally in spanish “R con R cigarro, R con R barril rápido ruedan los carros cargados de azúcar del ferrocarril” a children traditional tongue-twister, reminded me of the train that goes through Bogota, wich in the late years has been covered with publicity from a very famous candy company. Its not only candy what the train carries or what it leaves behind.

For this reason this tongue-twister is a stepping stone to elaborate a reflection about the railroad in Bogota, starting from fragments of events that happen in this forgotten habitat, where different kinds of beings coexist, like plants, curious people, and even a family that lives in an abandoned wooden wagon near the tracks.

This video is an acknowledgement of objects and characters of Bogota, anonymous beings that fade in memory images of the ones that reside in this city, that now we find difficult to recognize their color because we live in constant motion.

Residents on the railroad not likely to be recognized as part of an important tradition and the sociocultural aesthetics of Bogota.


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