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Kamikazes Arts in one World


Divine Art wind spirits

golden flyers in one world

Artworks through the sky



In this installation these texts inspired in haikus come from my personal reflection about the art task, hand engraved in my hand writing in golden plates with the kamikaze kanji (ideogram) with the purpose of redefining the significance of the word Kamikaze. Pinpointing its historical value thus acquiring a new autonomy in the artwork, exalting the graphic meaning of the kanji, as divine wind spirits relating this to the meanings of bravery, belief, battle and flight in the world's art scenario.

Translating that to the tangible realm, golden airplanes in the air fly towards the sky. The Pangaea accompanies these Art fighters in their golden task as a shared belief, considering the sociocultural aspect of some art circles their surrounding and even customs where in some cases art circles are closed due to local cultural backgrounds or political boundaries or both. It seems the “Pangaea” belief is reaching more artists and more art, taking on account communications, technology and access. Also, stating my disregard to a certain notion encountered in art making today, as Latin-American art has to look and feel Latin-American an Art characteristic  that it's a choice not an obligation, although its encountered still as an Art phenomena.

Also another aspect that I explore through this artwork is also the embrace of cultural transfers, as language and ways of thinking, like the way of making poetry, the use of a kanji and the romantic nature of the historical kamikaze faith focused towards another subject.

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