Is this the Monalisa?


As an artist exploring the means of art through digital media, I encountered myself in the Louvre Museum's atrium reconsidering the reproduction of an iconic Artwork such as the Gioconda of Leonardo Da Vinci, by the way people where registering the event of their visit. I started then the theoretical reflection that produced the artwork which uses the elements in which memory and technology move in what I called the digital flux, as the chain of cultural interfaces that act as multipliers of imaging and iconic symbolism. The artwork makes a reflection about technology and the worship of digital images and the Mona Lisa as the icon that detonates the vertiginous anxiety for the construction of imageries and telematic presences within digital media; the same way different kinds of media have changed the relationship the spectators has with works of art and their iconographies. The work of hybrid art embraces and explores the phenomena given by the increment of the mobile technologies which are to capture and reproduce images and the demand of artifacts to edifice memory, where the camera has a privileged place, and the digital fields, color distortion change the image into  something different, therefore the question, Is this the Mona Lisa?