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Project description:


The interactive installation is made of a device that allows participants to display a video once they have on gotten  into a rabbit helmet. The work evokes the urge to be on the web, online and, on media communications. Also, the need for speed on cable networks and it shows visions of how a piece of information would travel through this imaginable environment. The is work made with cables and threads and a speed chair that resembles a motorcycle chair. Spectators are invited to become participants by the act of wearing a golden bunny helmet that travels through this video journey of almost 4 minutes.


Space requirements:


4.50 mts. x 2.50 mts.

height 2.10 mts.(and above+) minimum.


Technical specifications:


LCD Monitor (VGA)

DVD Player

1 pair of speakers

4 Turbines (12 v -1A)

1 pressure sensor (12v)

1 transmitter- receptor in analog circuit

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