Project description:


The interactive installation is made of a device that allows participants to display a video one they have on themselves a rabbit helmet, evoking the urge to be on the web, online and on media communications. Also the need for speed on cable networks and its shows visions of how a piece of information would travel through this, cables and threads once activated by wearing the helmet in the speed chair that resembles a motorcycle chair. Spectators are invited to become participants by the act of wearing a golden bunny that travels through this video journey, of almost 4 minutes.


Space requirements:


4.50 mts. x 2.50 mts.

height 2.10 mts.(and above+) minimum.


Technical specifications:


LCD Monitor (VGA)

DVD Player

1 pair of speakers

4 Turbines (12 v -1A)

1 pressure sensor (12v)

1 transmitter- receptor in analog circuit