Dandelion a random encounter

Through the interactive installation the spectator detonates the action of the simple event of blowing a dandelion in not just one place but different places, focusing the attention on a simple and sometimes overlooked event, each time someone blows videos run at random order with various previously recorded  images through Bogotá the city I work in, but with the advantage of landscapes that can be found in every city, showing the chaos of the present phenomenon, the aleatory effects one simple dandelion can cause when someone blows it away and interacts with it .


This work is a space for contemplation for the daily phenomena that occurs around us, that sometimes we cannot perceive because of daily routines and lifestyles. It’s a 30 minute video projection with a designed bench to see them, based on the purpose of Zen meditation, to actually perceive feel and be whole with the present and all the events that happen in it, while we live it, where the simple events reflect the complexity of life.