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The city, this urban concept evolves in the contemporary world in different ways. Their development stands on a multiplicity of factors which grow together to uphold their population, stability for habitat, consumption and, wellbeing for those in it. City-scapes explores many subjects primordial for what is conceived as a city. First, communication circuits and technology that with light multiply into constructs of buildings which, always emerge in city centers. This is the center piece of the exhibition. Where communication upholds as a foundation for the city’s mechanism to proliferate.


Then, the enclosed city-scapes appear as common objects that represent a certain aspect of urban development. City centers tend to grow up; there's always the urge to rise that aspect is seen in the vertical pieces and the elements of industry like the financial market and common building blocks.


In the bubble-shaped artworks another aspect is explored. The states of mind, power, money, the factory thinking, the society of spectacle. The enclosed systems are interconnected. They also have a fragile sense of dependency on the human behaviour of the inhabitants of the city that causes changes on the city's growth and, the cultural system that emerges within the contemporary megalopolis.


Minimum exhibition venue required: Approx. 7x 13 x 2.5 m

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